The Brooklyn Bridge’s cables and architectural elements. New York City.

Last weekend, I walked to the Brooklyn Bridge to take in the sunset. I never take it for granted that I live in (relative) walking distance from one of the most photographed bridges in New York City. It’s an iconic legend and everything anyone tells you about the bridge’s views is absolutely true. It’s equally breathtaking at sunset, sunrise and at night when the building’s lights that make up the lower New York City skyline shine like a multitude of twinkling stars.

What I love most about bridge walks here in New York City is the changing view and the vantage points over the river. Brooklyn Bridge is also stunning due to its structural and architectural elements. It’s hard not to gaze up in wonder at the cables which lead the eyes towards its beautiful arches. There is always one point in my bridge adventures where I spend far too long with my head thrown back gazing up at these sorts of things that I almost tip over. Thankfully, I am usually not the only one experiencing this silly dizzying phenomenon ;).

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